Start ups: Don’t rush into defining your name & brand

By William Perry - Founder: EVVUS

Your name and brand is everything when it comes to your company.

It’s your image and messaging. It’s what makes consumers and clients choose you over your competitor. Your brand, name, image and messaging shares with everyone who you are, what you stand for and what you hope to achieve.

It is the forefront of all the backend work that goes into your product or service.

So why would you want to rush it when first establishing your vision for your company and product?

My philosophy is always get it right the first time.

Going back and rebranding isn’t ideal. Doing so because of wanting to take a company in a new direction is one thing. Take GE for example and their campaign to brand themselves also as a digital company. They are leaning on years of credibility as an “industrial company” and adding a new sector to their business, and showing their new capabilities.

Going back and hitting the reset button though is an entirely different animal. The effects can be unquantifiable due to all of the question marks brought into place: consumer perception, loss of momentum, lack of familiarity. The list goes on.

The intent is not to scare rather more to encourage you to spend the time necessary calculating your moves and your visions.

The concept of EVVUS started some two years before it ever even came to fruition. I didn’t even know it at the time, but the dots have connected toward something I plan for one day to be extremely awesome.

I became fixated on the concept of evolving and stretching my capacity for new things and new ideas. Coming from a marketing background, I wanted to blend my passion for creative and branding with evolving personally, but it was also likewise important to not be stuck in a box by a name or concept.

When I finally decided to put the efforts in place to create a company, I wrote down list upon list for potential ideas for the company name. For us, I felt it was so important to be creative with our own brand if we wanted to inspire creativity and innovation for others.

I agonized over it for months. Spent countless hours on finding adjectives for what I felt described what I wanted to achieve. It was so incredibly important to get it right the first time.

Then one day, I was reading an article on, and I came across the word evolve in the text and the light bulb went off! It was the ultimate hallelujah moment like when Clark Griswold finally gets all the Christmas lights on the house working, and he has that wide-eyed look of amazement, like yes, I finally got it!

After coming across evolve, I was like, that is what it is all about, evolving and helping others evolve! Which I always knew. It was the reason for getting everything going in the first place.

From there, came EVVUS, which stands for “Evolve with us” where the the two “V”s come together to make a “W”.

It set the tone right from the beginning, building the excitement and the passion for the future.

So I encourage you, when thinking about creating your vision for your brand, take these 4 points into consideration:

  1. What is my mission? Essentially what do you hope to achieve by offering your brand or service.

  2. What do I/we want to stand for? What are your core values and how do you want to be perceived.

  3. How will we be different? This is what will separate you from your competitors.

  4. What is my vision for our image? Name, messaging, text, logo, positioning vs. competitors. Weigh all the options before making a decision.