SEO: commit as you would a long-term personal investment

By William Perry - Founder: EVVUS

Regard your SEO strategy as you would any long-term personal investment.

The goal is long-term financial security, continuing commitment to overall growth and staying up to date with the latest trends.

The same goes for your commitment to your SEO strategy.

A commitment to SEO is NOT a quick fix. It is however, a maturing property gaining equity and increasing in value over time.

Most business owners and company executives know they need to do something about SEO because everyone has told them it’s important, but many really don’t know what it means, what it stands for and what the heck to do about it.

Let’s start first by breaking down the basics.

1. What is SEO

SEO stands search engine optimization. At its most basic form, this means presenting content on your website in a way that makes it easier for search engines, such as Google, Yahoo and Bing, to find your content and content related to your product or service. Content meaning the images and information on your website.

2. How does SEO work

When a user goes to Google to search for a product or service, Google delivers relevant content related to that user’s search.

Optimizing your website includes strategically labeling images, headlines and text throughout with certain “keywords” so Google can connect the dot between a user’s search and your content. Having a set of these “keywords” associated with your business casts a net that helps users find your website and in their search results based on common searches.

For example, if you are a construction company in Orlando, your keyword set could look something like this: Orlando construction, new home construction Orlando, commercial construction, etc.

These keywords are then used throughout your website, which allows search engines to deliver your content when a user is on Google searching for “new home construction Orlando”.

3. SEO goes beyond just initial optimization

Setting your website up for success is just the beginning.

The key is a long-term supportive strategy that continues to incorporate your strategic keyword set. This is what is known as content marketing.

By continuing to leverage content related to your brand through blogging, social media, email marketing and video, search engines gain an extensive library of authoritative information associated with your website. And search engines like information and authoritative sources!

With all of these pieces of information scattered across the internet, the effect is exponential. Your influence grows bigger and bigger over time, gaining online equity for future growth.

Like anything though, there are always best practices, do’s and don’ts but skipping the basics of SEO can leave your site a mess and prevent you from being found when a user is pursuing the product or service you offer.

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