4 Apps We Love For Creating Stunning Instagram Content

By William Perry

Founder + Creative Director, EVVUS

Give me a picture book with stunning images vs. a text-heavy case study, and my inner 5-year-old is very amused.

There’s actually a great amount of truth to that. Don’t judge me.

I love to read, especially professional growth and mindset-related material, but who doesn’t like pictures? I know I do, and especially for marketers who love creating awesome visual branding.

Instagram is where it’s at right now. I fell in love several years ago when Instagram really started to grow in popularity. Brands are doing amazing things and spending a tremendous amount of time conceptualizing and brainstorming how to position and present their brand to their target audience. We do it here at EVVUS every day.

So it got me to thinking, why not write a blog post about it and share some of my favorite apps that can help you create stunning content right from your phone for your business? That’s right, no Photoshop needed. (Don’t tell Adobe I said that.)

1. Snapseed

  • What I like - Snapseed is like Photoshop for mobile. There are so many photo editing features. I personally like the “tune image” feature where you can adjust brightness, saturation, highlights, shadows and more. There are also many stunning filters where you can really make your images stand out. Some of my favorites here are HDR Scape and Black and White. Snapseed can really help you set your images apart and you can do so right from your phone, never having to upload your photos to your computer.
  • What I use it for - A lot of times, I won’t even import photos from my phone to my laptop just because of how easy Snapseed is to use. It cuts my time down on moving photos all around before I’m able to get it to the social media channel I eventually post it on. Sometimes I’ll even drop images that I’ve shot from my SLR camera to my phone when I’m editing several, just because of how quickly I can edit photos to my liking.

2. Instasize

  • What I like - Instasize is super easy to use. There are some great basic features such as adding borders, unique sizing aspects and cropping features.

  • What I use it for - Instasize is great for creating collage photos, combining several images into one image and side-by-side comparisons. I mainly use it for these reasons when I’m trying to throw a few images together on-the-go.

3. Over

  • What I like - Over allows you to layer images, logos and vectors just like you would in any photo editing software from your laptop, except from the palm of your hand.

  • What I use it for - It’s perfect for dropping a logo on top of an image for creating branded content, or building a promotional post with text that involves several different layers. Most times I’ll edit my image in Snapseed first then bring it into Over to put a few final touches on it before I post on Facebook or Instagram.

4. Wordswag

  • What I like - I recently discovered Wordswag and it makes creating imagery with text really fun and easy. There are tons of different font options pre-loaded with different layouts that make the final product appear very customized. Another great aspect in the built in integration with Pixabay, a open-sourced image library. You can pretty much find any stock photo you’re looking, all free.

  • What I use it for - We’ve made some awesome looking content using this app. Quote graphics bring great engagement on social media. They’re light, inspiring and quick to digest, which is exactly what the user wants. After prepping all our content beforehand, we’ll go in and knock them all out at once, which improves our efficiency from a time creation perspective, keeping you from sifting through hundreds, even thousands of fonts and custom layouts.

Many times, I’ll use a combination of several of these apps. I’m able to creating stunning visual content, increase my efficiency and do so from the palm of my hand.

Give them a try to give your brand the stunning visual appeal it deserves.