Share your story to engage potential customers

Marketing can be a head scratcher.

There are so many companies and products vying for the all-mighty consumer dollar. As a business owner, entrepreneur or marketer, you’re constantly thinking, how can I get a piece of that action?

There’s no “true” magic dust to sprinkle that leads to the high level of success we all dream of. There are, however, some guides that can lead to long-term brand loyalty around what you do.

A key rule to remember when it comes to sales — and at the end of the day, we have to remember we are all salesman — as humans, we buy emotionally, not logically. What that means is, typically we buy based on our desires more often than on need, such as buying the red Corvette vs. the Toyota Camry, the Armani jeans vs. a pair of Lees.

Tapping into emotion during the sales and marketing process leads to connection and most importantly, loyalty with current and potential customers, which is exactly what we all want isn’t it?

Consumers want to trust in your company, product or offering. They want to believe it’s going to help them hit a 300 yard drive, lose 10lbs, become a better leader, friend, employee. They want to believe it’s going to solve a problem or void they feel they have.

The best way to establish this connection and trust is through compelling content that shares your story and showcases your authority in your industry. This is the human element that often is forgotten. It lets everyone know, you, your product and what you stand behind is real too.

Content can come in many forms from blogs, videos, pictures and graphics. Whatever the form, use these tips to guide you to ensure you are establishing a true connection with current and potential customers:


  1. Think like the consumer

  2. Share your story

  3. Engage your target market

  4. Develop consistency to posting content