How to Create Content That Actually Converts

By Morgan Curschman, Social Media Assistant - EVVUS

Content is pointless if it’s not converting into sales and leads. It’s as simple as that.

So many of us invest our time, energy and resources into creating content that we believe suits our content marketing strategy. And more often than not, that content doesn’t end up resulting in a sale. Sure it’ll bring you traffic online, but at the end of the day, none of that matters if it doesn’t come full circle.

Which then leads to the big question, what does your content need in order to convert? There are many answers to this, however there is one in particular that stands out against the rest: create compelling content.

In order to establish what is “compelling” you can ask yourself, what would I want to read? Start by looking through your own personal Facebook and Linkedin feed. As you scroll through the feeds, take note of which articles stand out to you.

Perhaps it’s something humorous from something like BuzzFeed, whose writers are known for incorporating their clever and dry sense of humor into headlines, captions and stories. However, it isn’t just their wit that lures you. BuzzFeed is a company who creates content that relates to their audiences lifestyle, and by doing so, they have formed a trustworthy relationship with their users. They focus on creating great headlines that grab the reader's attention without making them feel they are being sold something. This is the key to success.

No one wants to feel they are being solicited to. That’s why we all pay extra to avoid commercials nowadays isn’t it? Keep self promotion low in your content and focus on offering educational and informative content.

You want users to see your headline and relate to it on an emotional level. This is something that can be done so easily if you think creatively.

For example, you may want to publish the article, “10 Places You Can Find The Happiness You're Missing ” on Monday. Rather than just sharing the article with the title repeated in your subject line, create another subject line within that share that will double strike attention to viewers. It could be “Something to make your sucky monday a little better”. This would immediately appeal to the thousands of users whom are stuck at work having a rough Monday and are actually looking for something to cheer them up.

It’s important that you think creatively and strategically with your posts. Creating captivating content is only the first part in the conversion process. It’s then up to you to make sure everyone who sees it will be captivated. You never want to waste time advertising towards people who have zero interest in what you’re offering. While the article itself could be relatable to many people, not all products are. Sort out the little details, aim your content at the right person and you are sure to see results.