5 Reasons Your Business Should Invest In Micro-Influencers

By: Morgan Curschman, Social Media Coordinator

Influencer Marketing, it’s the oldest trick in the book.

For those of you who haven’t heard the term before, influencer marketing is when companies use people whom they believe have a strong influence in the community to represent and advertise their brand. We’ve seen it from celebrities, pro athletes, bloggers, YouTube stars, etc.

As time has changed, so has the influencer game. With new innovations in the Social Media world, anyone can be an influencer and express their opinions on a product to the public. While many brands feared this freedom of public speech could potentially lead to criticism and harm their name, it has actually led to something beautiful: Micro Influencers.

According to Forbes magazine, a micro-influencer is someone who has between 10,000 to 150,000 followers on Instagram, whereas a mid to top-tier influencer has over 150,000. You may think to yourself, how could someone with less attraction bring more traction? Well, to be completely honest, it doesn’t take much research to understand why they have the bigger footprint in the industry and are not to be reckoned with.

In fact, I’ve got 5 Reasons your business should invest its time and energy into Micro Influencers instead.

1. They are more Affordable. 

For starters, a majority of micro influencers basically work for free. I know from my own personal experience working in social media that I have never offered anything besides product to bloggers. Which is something that should immediately be offered otherwise their testimonial and support isn’t worth anything to you or their audience. The best part, a lot of bloggers are happy to review and promote products for free because it provides them with content.

2. They are more Trustworthy. 

Micro influencers are ordinary people, who like I said, don’t necessarily do what they do for money. This means they promote products who they believe in and want to be affiliated with. Standing for a brand that they don’t truly support would only discredit their reviews and posts. This creates a genuine trustworthy relationship between the user and their following and that is HUGE for large brands because they also gain that trust. Customers don't feel so heavily that they are being sold a product as much as they are being “recommended” to use one by a friend.

3. They are more Responsive

Because the audience size of micro influencers is smaller, they are able to truly engage with their following. Don’t believe me? Go compare a few different accounts for yourself. The users may not be able to respond to every comment they receive but a majority of them acknowledge the comment in some slight way and if someone posts a legitimate question about the product or brand, a micro influencer more than likely responds. This, along with being trustworthy creates an incredible relationship between the user and their following, which then again, is amazing for the brand who can't reach out to their fans on such a personal level.

4. They reach your Target Audience Indefinitely.

A majority of advertising and marketing budgets are wasted trying to reach a specific target audience, who may or may not, even acknowledge it. Whereas, with Micro Influencers your product and brand are being shown to people of relevancy indefinitely. These influencer pages are divided by genres such as Beauty, Fitness and Fashion and this ensures that you are not advertising to people who lack interest entirely. They truly know how to write content that converts. They also know their own personal audience better than you do because it isn’t just a broad group of millions of people. They track their own personal like, comment and share statistics and are therefore able to decide what will bring the most engagement to their posts.

5. Traditional Ads are Outdated.

Copy is very unappealing to viewers. People like images and creative forms of advertising. Think about how many people block pop up ads on their computer. Nobody wants to see them. That’s why this “meme” phase is so popular. It’s entertaining, short, relatable and original. Micro Influencers take the same approach because they believe it is the best method to create Instagram content. They have creative freedom to advertise products however they’d like and with these amazing innovations in the social media world. The options are endless.

Without a doubt, micro influencers are going to have a large footprint in marketing, not only this year, but for years to come. My only advice is that if you are going to invest, you need to thoroughly look through the users accounts. Anyone can buy followers. You need to make sure that person who has 25,000 followers isn’t only getting 74 likes and no comments on their photos. Find users who are engaged, creative and excited about what they do and you shall succeed.