ToYou Snacks: makers of healthy, simply made nutrition bars who place high value on the quality of their ingredients and the bars they create for healthy snack enthusiasts. From a sales and marketing perspective, ToYou Snacks relies heavily on online sales through their website to generate revenue.


  • Online sales and website traffic were very low. 
  • Social media channels didn't exist. 
  • No email database.  

What we did 

We touched on just about every aspect of ToYou's digital footprint. We redesigned their website and moved to Shopify, an e-commerce specific website management platform. This improved the checkout process for customers, improved customer service with Shopify's automated email follow up process and enabled more opportunity for SEO and keyword rankings. 

In the midst of redesigning and launching ToYou's new website, we developed a content marketing strategy that included: 

  • SEO
  • Social media management
  • Blogging
  • Email campaigns
  • Digital advertising campaigns


Before someone can become a customer, brands must first gain trust with potential buyers. We went about developing engaging content strategies for enthusiast acquisition with the user in mind by offering value and information that spoke to them and their interests. We incorporated a holistic digital strategy with ToYou. Managing just one aspect wouldn't have been enough. Think of it like driving a car with any less than four wheels. 

Areas of focus:

  • SEO: optimized website and developed content with keyword strategy leading to improved rankings
  • Social media management: launched Instagram account, developed content calendar for posting consistency, branding and messaging campaigns to engage healthy snack enthusiasts, influencer outreach and demographic targeting for follower acquisition
  • Blogging: informational material to continue fueling SEO strategy, pulling website traffic from social media channels and email campaigns
  • Email campaigns: developed customer database for promotional sales campaigns  
  • Digital advertising campaigns: created brand awareness campaigns through Facebook and Instagram for social media content engagement. Also created campaigns for email database inclusion and that pushed sales via promotional strategies


The most important result was the plan was now in place. In addition to that, in the first 90 days, website traffic quadrupled and ToYou had its second most successful month of online sales in its 4 year history.